Off The Wall JFK Assassination Theories

Off The Wall JFK Assassination Theories


Theory #1 -- JFK was assassinated by humans from the future after time travel is discovered to prevent a nuclear war that occurred in the early 70's after RFK was elected. The assassins from the future had performed extensive computer research to determine the likelihood of nuclear war, and determined that if RFK was assassinated in 1968 that a "time-quake" would occur causing nuclear warfare in 1964. To resolve this problem, both RFK and JFK were assassinated, and the time continuum shifted to the current time-line.

Theory #2 -- The Lee Harvey Oswald that went to Russia was not the same L.H.O. that returned to the U.S. A doppleganger killed and assumed the identity of L.H.O.; possibly before he was married. This doppleganger, which was also a foreign agent, then returned to the U.S., and was caught up in a larger conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

Theory #3 -- Mind Control, the Illuminati, & the JFK Assassination
Mind Control, Illuminati, & JFK
Theory #4 -- Bert From Sesame Street Was a By-Stander
Evil Bert

Theory #5 -- Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in 'The Incident'
The Incident

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